April 7, 2008

Mower Rebates in Fort Collins and Greeley

It's a small step for clean air in the Denver metro area, but it's the little things that matter.

In an effort to phase out dirty, gas-fired lawnmowers, the City of Fort Collins just announced plans to offer a $25 rebate to residents who purchase an electric or reel mower. What's more, you scrap your old lawnmower and get another $25 rebate. That's $50 toward a new lawnmower, and a small, yet significant, step forward for clean air.

What's more, this April 25th in Greeley, you can exchange your old lawnmower for a new electric mower. This "Mow Down Pollution" event is being sponsored by the Regional Air Quality Council.

Kudos to the City of Fort Collins and the Regional Air Quality Council for their efforts to reduce ozone pollution by getting clean mowers in gear.

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