June 8, 2008

SUV Driver Upset With Tailpipe Pollution Limits

Earlier this year, tailpipe pollution limits in the Denver metro area were tightened to help safeguard public health from ozone pollution and that has one SUV driver upset. Apparently, his 2001 Land Rover Discovery continues to fail emission tests.

If true, this is a bit of a surprise. For one thing, newer cars typically meet tailpipe pollution limits easily. For another, state health officials have made it clear the only vehicles that will fail are those that are truly broken and need fixed.

Could it be that newer SUVs, or in particular Land Rovers, simply aren't designed to meet tougher pollution limits?

Regardless, we support the new tailpipe pollution limits. With ozone already reaching unhealthy levels in the Denver metro area, we need to do all we can to keep the air clean and safe.

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